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The Five Elements in Yoga: Water

In this series of articles we will explore how the five elements of Nature are being felt and experienced in our own bodies. It is a matter of remembering that we are nature, our bodies, flesh, bones, energy and everything in-between are made of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (or Ether). If we break our cells down to the smallest atom, we can see that we are made of the same matter as everything else around us - we are the whole and the whole is us. Check out the first article of the series: Earth.


In many ancient culture, water was considered the centre of life and therefore held a certain divine meaning. Perhaps it's the fact that oceans cover around 70% of our planet or that we are, too, made of 70% of water. The water element holds this life-giving quality, which is why it also relates to the second Chakra, Svadhisthana, located in the lower belly and considered to be the Chakra - or energy wheel - governing our femininity*, fluidity, sensuality, joy, creativity, our ability to "go with the flow".

* Please keep in mind that when we talk about feminine and masculine qualities, it has nothing to do with gender. We all have both.

How the Water element can manifest in you

Is this you: you feel a certain rigidity in your body and attitudes, struggle to feel pleasure, fear of change, lack of desire, passion, struggle to feel your emotions fully AND/OR addicted to pleasure, excessively strong emotions, oversensitive, manipulative tendencies.*

The Water element is about our ability to feel, and let our emotions pass through us in a healthy way; we do not feel the need to suppress them or overthink them. Our ability to feel also gives us a strong connection to our creative and intuitive power as we become for sensitive to the world and the people around us. It is our ability to feel in a healthy and balanced way, always within our boundaries. The previous element of Earth is here to create the boundaries that will allow the Water to flow in a certain direction. Without those boundaries, the Water isn't contained and it creates chaos. * These are very broad examples of things you may experience when you lack connection with the Water element or when there is a too high amount of Water energy in you. I mention these to give you an idea of how this element can affect us, however in order to receive a real diagnosis of how each element affects and impacts you, you should consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and is a wonderful ressource.

How to connect with the Water element


If you are lucky enough to have an ocean or river close by, go put your feet in it. Feel the cleansing power of Water. Allow yourself to feel the purity and power of this element.


Meditate on the Water element - either by watching the ocean or imagining it. Imagine yourself laying on the shore and the gentle waves moving up and down your body. Put the recording of wave sounds or water flowing. The sound of water is naturally calming and soothing to the brain.


We are made of 70% of water - potentially even more than that. One of the first pillars of good health and longevity is hydration. Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day - and no coffee is not water ;). Drink good quality water, either spring water or filtered water. Unfortunately tap water has now become too poisonous, even in countries where it is "safe" to drink.


Every second breath we take is powered by the Ocean. Without the ocean we would not exist. Educate yourself on how to protect our oceans and how to save the finite ressource, you can find some great ressources through my friend's NGO Ocean Now!.


As discussed earlier, the Water element relates to the second Chakra located at the lower belly. Therefore to connect to this element focus on hip opening movements with a feminine / Yin-like energy: slow, sensual, intuitive. Power flow doesn't have its place here! Yoga poses: happy baby, lizard pose, child pose with knees open.

To practice with me and receive the recordings of my "The Five Elements in Yoga" classes or join me Live online, send me "WATER" on WhatsApp +33618836151 or by Instagram DM @josephinecantona

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