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Yoga for the Modern Body

Join me every week in Lisbon & Online for my signature group classes.

What is the "modern body"?

A lot of sitting & poor posture

  • Shortened front line (weak core, tight hips & chest)

  • Weak glutes & hamstrings 

  • Feels tight but lacks strength

  • Short, shallow breathing

Technology & lifestyle

  • Overly stressed & anxious

  • Dysregulated nervous system

  • Text neck (forward head syndrome)

  • Short, shallow breathing​

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Why join my group classes:

The most important thing for me is to leave you feeling strong, stable and connected in your body


My own hypermobility has lead me to 4 injuries throughout my life.

One day I decided to say stop to poses that I could feel were hurting my joints and prioritise strength and functionality over aesthetics. My teaching style took a turn and the question I ask myself now before every class I teach is: will this class make them into better movers OFF their mats?


- Wednesday 9h at Organic Flow Studio

R. Almeida e Sousa 3 3° andar, 1250-064

- Wednesday 19h (class with weights, posture & strength focus) at Studio B

R. Silva Carvalho 263A, 1250-273

- Saturday 10h30 at Jardim da Estrela


- 1 class: 15€

- Monthly Pass (1 class/week): 50€*

*Valid for the month only. Non-transferable. Non-refundable.


(2) Shafir T1, Tsachor RP2, Welch KB3 (2016) Emotion Regulation through Movement: Unique Sets of Movement Characteristics are Associated with and Enhance Basic Emotions.
(3) da Silva TL1, Ravindran LN, Ravindran AV (2009) Yoga in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders: A review.
(4) Kolk, B. D. V. (2014) The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma. New York, Penguin.

Humans are layered, complex beings. All aspects of our selves and our habits contribute to either building a healthy body or an unhealthy one.

I can teach you how to choose health. We work together to create the resilience that you and your body need to feel empowered. I offer two types of training packages.

Working 1-2-1 is the most powerful way to create sustainable results and to give you all the knowledge you need to keep evolving on your unique path towards health. 

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