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Fitness Training

Train with me from anywhere

My 8-week personal training program is for those who wish to improve their posture, get rid of physical pain and build muscles sustainably, sign up here.

1:1 Coaching

Work with me privately through my signature 8-week functional fitness program to address your specific concerns and goals.


Why work with me

  • I help women who have lost faith in their body's ability to feel healthy, strong and without pain

  • I help yogis and/or hypermobile women (like me!) who want to feel stronger

  • I have a spiritual & layered approach to fitness, comprising of inner- as well as outer- work

  • I use all my tools to help improve your posture, balance your nervous system, regain confidence & make you strong!

“Hey Jo! I'm really feeling great, I keep telling everyone that I have never felt this strong and fit! I thought I had muscles before, when we started found out I hadn't, and now I am feeling them get stronger every day"

A Personalised Program Tailored to YOU

➡️ Online (or in person when I can) - I get the same results through both modalities

➡️  1-hour postural & gait assessment

➡️  Corrective & dynamic exercises

➡️  Restorative practices library

➡️  Myofascial release (MFR) routine

➡️  Recordings & programming

➡️  Live online Restorative & MFR group class + recordings available for one month

➡️  List of equipment for your home gym + all the ways to use them

I specialise in working with hypermobile women (who may or may not be yogis) because I have myself suffered from many physical issues that most people in the fitness or medical industry were not able to help me solve.

Yogis, dancers, gymnasts, naturally bendy people, have bodies that function in different ways than "normal" bodies with intricacies that I got to learn through years of practice.

My 6 years of experience working with all types of bodies as a Yoga teacher, massage therapist and, newly, Functional Patterns practitioner have given me the experience and expertise to help my clients solve postural, structural and physical problems they have been dealing with for a long time.

➡️ So, if you too are struggling with developing muscles and strength, and you suffer from joint pain, injuries, or poor posture, I can help.

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