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1:1 Coaching

Work with me privately to address your specific concerns and goals.

Fit Woman

Have you tried many different classes, techniques, professionals - all in vain?


Looking to feel stronger without looking bulky?

Do you feel in pain?


Are you ready to finally invest in your health and longevity?

Why work with me

  • I help people who have lost faith in their body's ability to feel healthy, strong and without pain

  • I help yogis and/or hypermobile people (like me!) who want to feel stronger

  • I have a spiritual & layered approach to fitness, comprising of inner- as well as outer- work

  • I use all my tools to help improve your posture, balance your nervous system, regain confidence & make you strong!

Choose Your Path


Improve your posture & movement with Functional Patterns.

Postural assessment. Corrective & dynamic exercises, mindfulness practices, myofascial release routine + recordings to practice at home.

Image by Mike Walter


BASIC + Nutrition guidance + Work on Energetic Imbalances + How to create New Habits.

For those who wish to change their habits for good. 

Image by Vadim Sadovski

Is This You?

 A sedentary entrepreneur?

A sporty but busy business person?

A busy mother looking to finally get that post-natal care?

An athlete or ex-athlete struggling with injuries?

How Does It Work?

  1. Reach out by email - include as much information as possible about your current health and goals. I aim to respond within 24 hrs.

  2. We get on a call and decide on a location (online or in-person), time and date for our first class together

  3. You proceed with payment, filling the waiver, NDA & 'Info To Know' form

  4. We begin our journey together!

Image by Antonika Chanel
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