What they say

I have really enjoyed the course so far as it feels extremely accessible to beginners and you've managed to feed in and introduce context around the practice in such a way that it provokes you to think about and apply it to my own life and how I can benefit/easily made it feel like a personal experience. I'm learning a lot in a way that doesn't feel foreign. It's hard but I don't feel like I'm failing or in any competition. I feel that it's a personal experience but enjoy the feeling of togetherness brought through the open questions and us contributing as we go along. I'm going to try and practice daily. After yesterday's session I've felt really introspective, went for a walk and was just appreciating nature, I've been so at one with myself and in my own world. It's neither good or bad and I feel really level and thoughtful in a big way. I also dreamt for the first time in so long last night.

Sanyu, from London - Back to Basics online course

It was great to get to know the basic principles of yoga, how it relates to the poses, and how we should align the body should. Thanks a lot for sharing so much knowledge and wisdom. We can feel your happiness when you're teaching and sharing. I think the workshop was well organized and you explain everything super well. You're a great teacher. Thanks! :)

Inês, from Lisbon - Back to Basics online course