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Meet Joséphine

I'll teach you to have an abundant mindset in a resilient body.

How It Started

I came to Yoga when I was 18 during my treatment for Anorexia, I was lost and desperate to understand what it meant to be in my body. 

Now in my late twenties, feeling very in-tune with my body thanks to my Yoga background, I felt the need to expand my knowledge of the body and what it means to "move well". With my hypermobility being exacerbated by my Yoga practice, I searched for tools to feel stronger and more resilient, that's when Functional Patterns (FP) came in. It changed my way of approaching movement altogether and gave me a new perspective on the areas where our Western ways of practicing and teaching Yoga were incomplete. I now teach from the Functional Patterns lens and it is helping me and my community immensely. 
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How I Teach

I'm an information lover & truth seeker. Human beings fascinate me, whether it is how we move, how we express ourselves or how we feel. I love Yoga philosophy, studying the mind and I take pride in teaching Yoga in a functional way; that forces my students to think about why they do what they do, to understand their patterns, their strengths and weaknesses. 
With my experience as an FP practitioner I have developed a unique way of teaching you how to be a better mover, feeler & human infused with the depth of the Yoga tradition; its philosophical teachings, mindfulness & breath-work.

My Professional Journey

I started my professional journey in kitchens - when I trained as a professional chef. But one day I said 'no more' and flew to India. I took the time to find myself, through inner work, traveling and connection.

I did my first 200hr yoga teacher training at World Peace yoga school with Dhirendra Singh in Rishikesh, India in 2017 followed by a 300hr one in the French Alps with Simon Park and other incredible teachers (Noelle Connolly, Joan Hyman, Klara Puski, Angela Quinn, Gwyn Williams, to name a few) in 2019. In the meantime I started teaching Yoga part time and continued to get education through my personal practice and studies, workshops and trainings such as: Pre & Post natal Yoga with Florence Cevaer (Martine Texier method), Forrest Yoga and Bodywork with Jambo Truong. I am also trained in holistic massage (Balinese, Swedish and Japanese Face massage).

I am a trained Functional Patterns Human Foundations  practitioner.

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