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The Five Elements in Yoga: Earth

In this series of articles we will explore how the five elements of Nature are being felt and experienced in our own bodies. It is a matter of remembering that we are nature, our bodies, flesh, bones, energy and everything in-between are made of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space (or Ether). If we break our cells down to the smallest atom, we can see that we are made of the same matter as everything else around us - we are the whole and the whole is us.


The foundation of life, the container, the Mother, are all some ways we could call the Earth. It is our home, what gravity pulls us towards. In today's world we can feel very disconnected to this element. Most of us living in cities, we are constantly walking on concrete, surrounded by concrete and our homes are filled with plastic, contaminants and other nasty things.

When was the last time your feet touched the earth? When was the last time you felt grass between your fingers, rocks, sand or soil under your feet? The Earth elements grounds us, it teaches us patience and surrender. In a hyperconnected world and our heads in the Clouds (quite literally), it can be extremely healing to connect with the rhythm of the Earth.

How the Earth element can manifest in you

Is this you: always rushing, expert multitasker, inability or difficulty resting, hyper-connected, high mental activity AND/OR inability to get things going and act, feeling stuck, overly tired, sluggish, poor energy, little to no social life, poor digestion. These are very broad examples of things you may experience when you lack connection with the Earth element or when there is a too high amount of Earth energy in you. I mention these to give you an idea of how this element can affect us, however in order to receive a real diagnosis of how each element affects and impacts you, you should consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner. Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and is a wonderful ressource.

How to connect with the Earth element


Take off your shoes and socks and go put your feet on the soil - grass or dirt (no concrete) for 5mins. The Earth is electric and we are electric too, this allows for our energy to reset. If you want to learn this science, go watch the Earthing documentary on YouTube.


Meditate on the Earth - in your meditation, visualise a mountain, notice it from afar and then start to notice more and more details as you come closer: the trees, the leaves, the soil, the shapes of the mountain. Observe its immensity and its goundedness. It is huge and it is here. It never moves and it watches as the trees lose their leaves and grow new ones year after year. It is here when there are storms and one beautiful sunny days. It is always here.


In Ayurveda, foods that are known to help us find grounding are foods... from the ground! Root vegetables such as carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes. Sweet foods bring a sense of comfort that increases the Earth energy within us, such as cashews, cinnamon, dates, bananas.


We now know how much pain humanity has caused to our planet through deforestation, industrial agriculture, pollution. As we become more and more connected to the Earth, as our planet, our home, we must take action and become the ones to help rather than the ones to destroy. Little things we can do to help save our soils: buy organic local produce, grow our own food, educate ourselves on soil degradation.


Focus on the lower body, feet, legs, hips. Visualise your foundation and feel the Earth when you walk or exercise. Yoga poses: mountain pose, tree pose, squats, warrior II.

To practice with me and receive the recordings of my "The Five Elements in Yoga" classes or join me Live online, send me "EARTH" on WhatsApp +33618836151 or by Instagram DM @josephinecantona

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