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Saying "Yes" to Life

God created us to be on this earth, in this life, in this moment in time. Your DNA is unique to you, no one else who will ever walk this earth will have the same fingerprints as you do. Your genetic makeup is the only one that will exist, ever. Think about this for a second. It is a hard concept to grasp, the infinity of potential that exists merges with the beauty of your uniqueness and your unique potential. How can one believe that they are here by chance?

Human beings are afraid of death, the death of our physical body, the death of the love we feel, the death of a situation or a person we are attached to. Our biggest ill isn't our fear of death but the attachments we place upon things in the first place. Imagine living without the fear of losing what you have; how you would feel waking up every morning, how your life would look, how your relationships would feel.

The beauty and miracle that is life has always fascinated me. At my lowest it felt dark, heavy, confusing, scary and at my best it feels exciting, invigorating, infinite. One thing that it always felt like however was powerful, I don't think I ever doubted the power of life itself even when I found myself in the darkest corners of my depression. Somehow the absence of life showed me how one cannot survive without the willingness to be alive. In order to connect to the miracle of life, one must be willing to feel alive and that requires a whole lot of courage. The courage to embrace God and the gift of life itself. There is something so raw and honest about someone who chooses to live, and not simply survive. It is hard for me to grasp how one could mistreat their physical bodies through eating junk, abusing substances and giving in to addictions once they have realised the immense honor that they have been given to be on this earth and participate in the evolution of humanity. One thing I have come to realise through my own experiences and observing those around me is that life cannot be cheated, if we do not learn to whole-heartedly say yes to life, it will not give you the privilege of feeling fulfilled in return. Choosing to be here requires for us to look at ourselves with our hearts wide open and know that we are safe as long as we believe in the power of being alive.

There was a time where I was the victim of my life, the victim of my parents, of my teachers, of my environment. There was a time where I did not want to make the choice of being alive because I hated the idea of those around me thinking I was happy. Strange right? But that was my way of punishing my parents and those who had hurt me: I am unhappy because you don't deserve to see me happy. I lived for other people. I lived to punish others without realising the only one I was punishing was myself. It is so easy to fall into that trap because negativity and suffering is so present in our societies. When we suffer a great lot, we become our pain. It becomes our identity "I am the one who always has back problems", "I am the one who always meets toxic men/women", "I am the one who (fill in the blank)". These thoughts are so limiting and yet they govern our entire lives without us realising it. We attract what we believe. We find comfort in repeating the same patterns over and over again and by doing so we also teach others how to treat us. We find ourselves in this loop of suffering.

We attract what we believe. Unwrap the sentence that governs your life. Who are you? What do people say about you? What is stopping you from living a great life?

It is not too much to ask, we were given this life for a reason and that reason is to dare greatly, to live fully, to say yes to life. We are way more capable than society tells us. What will your once in a lifetime DNA do with its infinite potential? Start to make choices according to the privilege that it is to be alive. If you receive every moment as a gift, it will feel like a gift.

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