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Fitness & Mindfulness Retreats

For men and women who want to REWIRE their fitness & health habits into more efficient and sustainable ones.


June 22nd - 25th 2023

If you are someone who recognizes the importance of good health to live a long, happy life but feel like you are plateauing on your fitness journey and would like to learn how to get the most out your exercise routinethen this retreat is for you.

In this retreat we will cover foundational principles to optimise your health such as proper breathing, posture and the fundamental human functions: standing, walking, running and throwing.

 The method we use bridges the gap between you and the best athletes on the planet that have mastered these functions.

Picture this...

you are waking up after a long, restful night of sleep to an incredible sunrise over the beautiful Villa; the quietness and freshness of an early morning Summer sunrise with a warm cup of tea in your hands. You are feeling content, and grateful, like there is nowhere else to be in that moment but here ...

After a morning meditation & breathwork,

you feel energised, your mind is clear, you haven't experienced such a feeling in a long time - you don't even need coffee! You head to an incredible breakfast buffet (yes, there will be coffee if necessary😅) made with love by the retreat chef Lotte. You fuel your body with nourishing, organic, locally-sourced food and head to your semi-private Functional Patterns fitness session where, for the first time, you train your body in a way that leaves you feeling strong yet relaxed, with no pain and a real understanding of how to sustainably train.


After a day of relaxing by the pool, going for a dip in the ocean and getting to finally read your favourite book,

you end the day with an evening self-massage and grounding meditation practice with the group. As you get up from the practice, you see the smiles of the others faces and share a feeling with them that no words can express; a deep feeling of peace, you almost feel surprised by it. You head to the delicious dinner buffet as the sun starts to set over the ocean.


You finally feel like yourself again.



Functional Patterns is a holistic training method that is scientifically based and focused on addressing the body as an inter-connected system. FP improves the way you move on a fundamental level by addressing the source of your dysfunctions, so that exercise can be a regenerative activity- as opposed to degenerative.


This method has shown results that range from helping athletes win world championships to improvements in scoliosis, cerebral palsy, arthritis and Parkinson's disease - in ways that were previously deemed impossible by the medical industry.

Modern society has influenced us to believe we can bio-hack and quick-fix our way into health but humans are first and foremost animals.


Longevity and good health are achievable at any age for all types of people by following natural laws such as mindful sun exposure, hydration, connection with nature, moving in a way that respects our biology, and knowing how to rest.


Together we will REWIRE your habits to get you back into a state of balance and connection to yourself and the world around you.




Thursday, June 22nd:

💫 4-5pm – Arrivals & check-in

💫 5pm – Opening ceremony

💫 7pm – Dinner

Friday & Saturday:

💫 7:30am - 8am – Wim Hof breathing / Morning meditation

💫 8am – Breakfast

💫 9:30am - 10:45pm - Group A: Functional Patterns / Group B: ocean, pool, relax

💫 11am - 12:15pmGroup B: Functional Patterns / Group A: ocean, pool, relax

12:30pm – Lunch

Free Time

 - possibility to book optional massages -


💫 5:30pm - 7pm – Myofascial release, Yoga Nidra, Meditation

💫 7pm – Dinner

Sunday, June 25th:

💫 8am – Morning Functional Patterns session & closing ceremony

💫 10am – Brunch

💫 11am – Check out.




Célio is a Functional Patterns trainer and former pro athlete. He works with clients of all ages to help them get out of pain, improve athletic performance, and prevent injuries.

He will guide you on how to get more out of your body with less effort by taking a holistic approach on how to create the habits necessary to continually inch towards optimal health.

He provides a proven blueprint that has helped performance athletes, professionals with a sedentary lifestyle, and those looking to minimize pain and stay injury free.



Joséphine is a Yoga teacher and Functional Patterns trainer. She is passionate about sharing the traditional teachings of Yoga to help her students on their self-realisation journey. She combines this ancient knowledge with Functional Patterns as her physical approach.

Two years ago she found FP and it has totally changed the way she feels. As a hypermobile Yogi, it has drastically improved her way of life by making her body stronger and more resilient. Joséphine will be co-teaching this retreat with Célio.


➡️ SHARED ROOMS  - only 2 beds left

3 to 4 beds + attached bathroom


➡️ ECO-VILLA - only 1 left

private room + shared bathroon with another person*


* Due to the configuration of Villa Epicurea, we are not able to offer private rooms with private bathrooms. However you will have your own comfortable space in one of the eco-villas. See pictures above :)

➡️ For self-arranged accommodation (no accommodation but all program + food included), contact us.

➡️ Read our Terms & Conditions for the cancellation policy.


What's Included

- A 30-45mins postural assessment done online (or in-person when possible) by both Célio & Joséphine before the retreat


- 3 nights in your accommodation of choice

- All meals - dinner at arrival, 3 meals a day, brunch before departure

- Assistance with car pooling organisation (if & when possible) - the location is a 35mins drive from Lisbon

- All guided practices including Functional Patterns small-group training sessions

- Our FP sessions will be both practical & educational to give you the best tools for you to keep training safely at home & we make it a priority to stay available for questions during the free time

- A special discount for extra 1:1 FP training sessions to be taken at the retreat or after the retreat (see details above)

- Opening & Closing ceremonies


What's Not Included

- Transport to and from our retreat location

- Massages & other extras

- Extra private 1:1 FP training sessions with Célio or Joséphine (offered at a discounted price - see above)

- Travel and trip insurances which we STRONGLY advise you purchase prior to the retreat to avoid any disappointment

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