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Yoga for the Modern Body


Join me every week on Wednesday at 7pm (WET, Lisbon time) where you will learn and practice Yoga's ancient wisdom in a way that is adapted to the modern body. Every month (or sometimes longer) you'll be guided into a new theme to allow you to get a deep dive into a specific subject. The physical part of my classes are informed by my knowledge in human biomechanics and postural integrity as well as Yoga's mystical and subtle alignment principles. I always place an emphasis on Yoga's philosophical teachings in an attempt to guide my students on their spiritual transformational journey and lead them to better self-awareness, self-acceptance and more freedom. These classes are designed to help the modern human tackle issues such as poor posture; elevated stress and anxiety; constricted spine, pelvis and breathing; dysregulated nervous system; poor digestion and sleep. Themes I generally address in all or some of my classes include: physical wellbeing through alignment and natural movement, Yoga philosophy and wisdom, restorative Yoga, nervous system regulation, breathwork, meditation, Yoga nidra (yogic rest), and more. These classes are offered online and are open to all levels from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. If needed, you can reach me through Instagram: @josephinecantona or Email:

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Yoga for the Modern Body Online Community

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