Wisdom circles


A vulnerable space to normalise conversations about growth & healing

Do you ever get tired of small-talk? Do you ever wish you had a space where you could connect with like-minded beings & share about the things that really matter? 

I created this space because I felt I was lacking the kind of meaningful, fulfilling conversations that help me to raise my vibration and grow as a spiritual being. It can be so hard in our materialistic, surface-level, social-media driven society to find the right community of people that are open to letting go of the small-talk and dive deep into the mysteries and complexities of our human existence.


Our wisdom circles are a space where vulnerability and transparency are encouraged to help us open up to new levels of communication. It's not about fixing, it's about sharing on topics that challenge our ideas and perspectives always with the same intention: growth.  Shedding our ego and conditioned ways in the way we communicate can feel uncomfortable at first but it is truly liberating and empowering. This is a space with no judgement, all opinions and ideas are valid and welcomed.

How does a session typically unfold?

  • Opening of the circle with a topic, always with the same intention: how can this or that concept inspire us to grow?

  • A time for sharing our views and ideas on the topic

  • Ending on a positive note: sharing about what we have achieved/are proud of that week, what has made us feel empowered

Example of a topic of the week:

Santosha (yogic principle of contentment). What is contentment? How can we cultivate contentment in our daily lives? Can we share examples or anecdotes about how we can practice contentment? What challenges can we face when practicing contentment and can we overcome them? What does contentment mean to each of us?

What we talk about:

- (yoga) philosophy 

- personal development

- growth mindset

- questions and thoughts on the practice of yoga

- spirituality

- mental health

- modern movements

Why join?

- elevate your vibration by talking about things that really matter

- learn about topics that will help you grow 

- learn to be present in the way you communicate

- develop more empathy and compassion towards yourself & others

- gain wisdom by challenging your perspectives & ideas

- be part of a community of like-minded people

- feel empowered by practicing opening up & using your voice


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