An embodied experience: the right and the left

Neurology, chinese medicine & other holistic traditions identify the differences between the right and left side of our brains and in turn our bodies. In order to live a more embodied experience, it is interesting to look at what those differences involve & how to find more harmony from within.

The dichotomy: the masculine and the feminine

Neurologically the right side of the brain connects the left side of our body and it represents our feminine side: the intuition, creation, emotional, the feeling, the relationships, the connection, the home, the mother.

The left side of our brain, which connects to the right side of our body is all about the masculine energy in all of us, it represents the logical, analytical, objective, the doing, the action, the father, the ego.

How this knowledge can help us

From time to time we all experience ailments, pain or discomfort in our bodies, that's a part of our human experience. Each body part in itself has a lot to say about what we are experiencing and what may be the cause from a psycho-somatic perspective. I often hear clients complain about recurring pain or limitations being located mainly on one side of their bodies (right knee, right shoulder & right foot for example), in these instances it can be even more powerful to look into what that means since it clearly shows there must be some kind of imbalance on the whole right side.

So what could pain or limitation on the right side mean? The right side of the body (left side of brain) is the masculine so we could perhaps look into our relationships with our paternal figures, with our careers, with our own masculine energy; am I embodying these qualities enough or too much; the leadership, the going, the doing. Am I very career oriented? How do I tend to express myself? Am I harsh? Do I need to feel powerful, successful?

If you're experiencing pain or limitations on the left side of your body, you should look at your relationship with the feminine energy. How are my relationships with my maternal figures? How is my relationship with my feminine energy, with my intuition, my need for being cared for and caring for others? Am I able to allow myself to feel nurtured? Am I in touch with my emotions? Am I able to let go and recharge when I need to?

Hopefully these insights help you to understand the polarity of both the masculine and the feminine within yourself and how each may apply to your experience as an embodied being.

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